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Masters of the Universe (1987) (BSO)

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Masters of the Universe (1987) (BSO) Empty Masters of the Universe (1987) (BSO)

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Masters of the Universe (Versión de 1992)

Masters of the Universe (1987) (BSO) MastersUniverseScore

Compositor: Bill Conti
Álbum: Masters of the Universe (Original Motion Picture Score)

Lista de canciones:

01. Main Title, Eternia Besieged
02. Gwildor's Quadrille
03. Quiet Escape
04. Earthly Encounter
05. Battle At The Gym
06. Procession Of The Mercenaries
07. Evilyn's Deception
08. Centurion Attack
09. Skeletor The Destroyer
10. He-Man Enslaved
11. Transformation Of Skeletor
12. Kevin's Plight, After Them
13. Julie's Muzak
14. The Power Of Greyskull
15. Good Journey
16. He-Man Victorious, End Titles

Masters of the Universe (Versión de 2008)

Masters of the Universe (1987) (BSO) MastersUniverseComplete

Compositor: Bill Conti
Álbum: Masters of the Universe (Complete Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Lista de canciones:

CD 1

01. Main Title/It’s All Mine
02. Quick Escape
03. Battle In Greyskull
04. Arrival On Earth
Not Used In Film
05. Where Is The Key?
06. The Cemetery
07. Getting A Bearing
08. The Mercenaries
09. Battle At The Gym
10. Skeletor's Wrath
11. Evil-Lyn To Earth
12. Kevin's Plight
13. It’s Them!/Centurion Attack
14. Julie Sees Mom/Julie Takes Key
15. Skeletor Arrives/After Them
16. He-Man’s Last Battle?/Skeletor Departs
17. Julie’s Muzak
18. He-Man Gets Whipped
19. Kevin Remembers The Tune/People Of Eternia

CD 2

01. Cosmic Key Music
02. The Battle Begins/The Final Battle
03. Time To Go
04. Julie And Kevin/Happy Ending
05. End Credits
Tracks 6-16 from original 1987 album
06. Main Title / Eternia Besieged
07. Gwildor's Quadrille
08. Earthly Encounter
09. Procession Of The Mercenaries
10. Evil-Lyn's Deception
11. Skeletor The Destroyer
12. He-Man Enslaved
13. Transformation Of Skeletor
14. The Power Of Greyskull
15. Good Journey
16. He-Man Victorious/End Title

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